About us

Take part in the events without leaving your home!

Stagebay is a platform connecting artists and their fans. Thanks to stagebay, the world of events can enter the online world. Stagebay takes the world of events into the world of the Internet. We provide the ability to watch live broadcasts of concerts by your favourite stars and we offer additional events that were never planned and will only take place on the Stagebay platform. It is a response to the problem of a worldwide pandemic, opportunities for online events to unfold and reaching a large number of users around the world without leaving their home.

Watch events at any time, on any device!

Watch events from around the world whereever you want and at any time, on any device. In addition, we are introducing a revolutionary solution which is access to online transmission by the minute. So the users decide whether they want to buy a concert ticket online or buy an access by minute to the broadcast. Also on Stagebay you can watch free events.

Show your appreciate to your favorite artists and support them!

We also provide the opportunity to show appreciation for your favorite stars and support them in this difficult time for them. Stagebay users can show support to their artists by giving coins and sending gifts in chat during each event. We are also introducing a rankings of the best fans for each event, so users can compete each other to be the first in the ranking and get noticed by their favorite artist.